How long does it take once I pay?

After you make your payment, you'll get access to a form that'll ask you a few questions.  Once you answer all those questions and give us any logins we need, we'll install your So Easy Website on our hosting within 2 biz days.

We'll then send you the login details you need so you can get cracking on making it yours!

Will it take me long to finish my website?

You can start adding your info & customising your website as soon as we send your login info.  It really depends on you... if you have all your content ready you could probably have it all done in a day or so.  You can take as long as you like to finish it - there's no rush from our end.  Obviously the sooner you send it live, the quicker you'll be able to start promoting it.

Are there any hidden costs?

Nope there's no hidden costs!  It really is $97.

However you do have hosting & domain registration fees, which is standard with any website.

Our secure Aussie hosting is just $9 per month.

How does the hosting work?

We set your site up on our secure Australian hosting (we spend a LOT of time finding the best hosting lol) … ... we take care of software updates for you, and keep an eye on security for you too. We also take regular backups … just in case ?

The base website hosting is just $9 per month.

If you already have hosting and you want to use that, you absolutely can.  We just need the site to be on our hosting while you're working on it.

Once the website is ready to launch, you can get your hosts to do a 'Cpanel Migration' (don't worry, they'll know what that is... and if they don't - don't use them!!!!)

I don't have a domain yet - can you help?

If you don't have a domain already, we can help you get one registered. We also set it up so your contact details are super private from the world at large... no more gazillion spam emails in the first 3 milliseconds after your register a domain lols

Can I have a professional biz email on my domain?

Yep!  We can set your emails up on secure hosting that's separate from your website hosting (this gives you so much more protection from hackers & spammers).

You can have as many emails as you like ... we just charge a tiny fee to get it all setup for you.

Don't worry - we have step-by-step guides for creating your emails.

I'm really not techie - what if I need help?

You'll have access to our secret Facebook group where you can get techie help, ask questions and get answers.

If need be, we can create a special video or quickie screenshots to guide you where you're stuck.  If it's a real quickie, one-off kinda issue we may even log into your website and sort it for you.

You aren't alone - we're here to help you!

Do you have demo websites?

We sure do - there's over 80 demo websites for you to choose from.

Check em out here: Demo Sites

Who owns my website?

YOU!! The website is 100% yours.  You can do whatever you like with it.  You can full control over your website and cpanel hosting.

I love this, but I don't have much time - can you customise my site for me?

There are a couple of options for you.

  1. We can customise your new So Easy Website with your colours for a small fee of $27.  You'll still need to add your own info, text & images, but the site will match your branding.
  2. We can add customise the colours on your So Easy Website to match your branding, add your content to the existing areas in your chosen design, add your contact info, link it all up to your social accounts ... generally finish the website for you so it's ready to launch.  The price for this is $670 for a brand spanking new So Easy Website ready to launch - it really is champagne taste on a beer budget!
Can I control what pages I have on the site

Absolutely!  You can have any pages you like, as many or as little as you like.  You can add or delete, and change pages.

You are in complete control - it's YOUR website!

Can I change the colours, fonts & logo?

Yup!  You can change all of that to match your branding.  We've got step by step guides to show you exactly how to make the site your own.

What about theme & plugin licences?

I have Developer Licences for the themes & plugins that are used on your website.  So theme & plugin updates are included for you.

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